Fangirling on Fangirls Episode III: Revenge of the Cosplay Queen

After Fangirls, join our Host Natasha Fox ( as we deep dive into the most recent episode and fandom with Cast and Crew.

Fangirl on Episode 3 of Fangirling! Join our host Natasha Fox  as we deep dive into the most recent episode and fandom with Cast and Crew.  with Kyle Gould, Ty Black, and Kait Kliman!

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Also joined by Special Guests: their Cats. 

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Episode III: Revenge of the Cosplay Queen

The Fangirls confront the revelation that a member of their group hasn’t been honest with them, and the implications for their trip, their friendships, and their futures. The group as a whole, and Ally as individual must confront a situation when the online persona doesn’t match the reality.  And the road trip to IX continues…but with a detour.

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Written and Directed by Marie-Claire Gould

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Original Music by Christy Carew Marshall

Produced by Kyle Gould

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