The Way of the Force: Seek Joy

Join our host Marie-Claire Gould ( for a new segment on the Force “The Way of the Force” – a Deep Dive into the Force and What the Force is all about.

Today we cover the origins of the concept of the “Force” and how it ties but to Georges personal philosophy and experience. And what it means for us enjoying Star Wars.

Clips Included:
*Rebels Remembered:
*Attack of the Clones – Anakin on Attachment
*George Lucas – On “The Force” and its Ancient Origins
*George on Selfishness
*Attack of the Clones – Anakin on Attachment
*Force Ghosts – The Lost Missions Q&A | Star Wars: The Clone Wars
*Dooku: Jedi Lost By Cavan Scott (Used for comparison)
*George Lucas Inspirational Speech – Creator of Star Wars

WHAT THE FORCE is this all about?

Our Intro and Exit music is the What the Force Theme, Orchestral Music by Christy Carew with full permission for use by Christy Carew (

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