Marie-Claire Gould

Marie-Claire is the host, publisher and editor of What the Force? A Star Wars Fandom Podcast. At a young age she burnt out her beta-max version of the Original Trilogy, since then she has been a fan of Star Wars and the fandoms that have developed.

One day while bothering her husband with another interesting factoid about Star Wars, he convinced her to create her own podcast. The rest is history. Marie-Claire loves speaking with people about what makes Star Wars real for them.

Marie-Claire enjoys other fandoms including Star Trek, comics, Marvel, DC, cartoons, gaming, board games, video games, art and drawing things that fandoms have inspired.

In addition to breathing Star Wars she is a player in Tavern Tales, she is currently DMing a D&D campaign for her friends and one for her family.

Marie-Claire wrote and directed the Fangirls Audio Drama all about Star Wars Fangirls.

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