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Star Wars: Mandalorian History 101

From finding their way after The Purge, facing their past with the Jedi, the inclusion of elements such as the Darksaber, and...

Dispatches from the Holonet: News Roundup 10/9/20

Welcome back, everyone! Hope you are having an excellent October so far! I've been enjoying the new shot of Adam Driver and...

How Different Jedi See the Force in Star Wars: The High Republic

The Force is very small and personal, but it’s also very large and immense, and it encompasses all things. The fact that we all could come up with different metaphors for it speaks to how powerful the idea of the Force really is.

A Polynesian Fan’s Plea for More Boba Fett

“Jango Fett’s head flew free of his shoulders and fell out of his helmet, to settle in the dirt.”

The Influences of Mandalore

The Mandalorians are one of the most interesting cultures of the entire Star Wars, and they have surprising parallels with real world events. Let's take a look at their art and their art of war from this perspective.

Disney+ GroupWatch: Review & Guide for Star Wars

Disney Plus GroupWatch has launched in North America and will launch later this year in Europe. With this functionality, you and 6...

Star Wars Fandom Fanfiction Round-Up: Fall 2020

The leaves are changing, the wind is cool, and it's time to cozy up in your favourite pajamas and read. We've selected...

Dispatches from the Holonet: News Roundup

Welcome Back! It's finally fall in North America, which means...well, I don't know what it means for Star Wars, but it's fall....


An in-depth analysis of how Luke's apology to Ben Solo on the salty fields of Crait was essential for healing Kylo Ren.

Dealing with the past, balance, and belonging: the common themes between Cobra Kai and Star Wars

Revisiting old stories risks falling into the nostalgia trap of telling the same tale all over again. The series Cobra Kai, a...

Rey, Kylo Ren, and Reylo: What is the Dyad?

“What Palpatine doesn’t know is we’re a dyad in the Force, Rey. Two that are one.”  - Kylo Ren/Ben Solo

The Fall and Redemption of Anakin Skywalker, Part One: Departure of the Goddess

The tragedy of Anakin Skywalker, or one could argue the Skywalker family, is transformed into a story of Darth Vader’s redemption over...

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Was Mandalore the Scottish Highlands of a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

One the events of Mandalore’s recent, painful past, The Great Purge, where the Empire killed and exiled many Mandalorians and took all of their Beskar, bears a resemblance to Scottish history and its turbulent relation with British rulers -- specifically, to the Battle of Culloden of 1746, the swansong of the ancestral Scottish clan structure.

Power of Myth & Symbolism: Violence in The Mandalorian

Join our host Marie-Claire Gould (@mariecgould) and co-host Ty Black (@black_Tym and Wit & Folly on YouTube) in our Segment the Power...

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Deep Dive Chapters 5 & 6

What the Fiction will be covering Tale of the Nine-Tailed Covering Tale of the Nine-Tailed K Drama: A modern telling of the...

Holonet Dispatch SPECIAL EDITION: Where Are the Stars of the Sequel Trilogy Now?

Hello everyone! We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a Very Special Edition of Holonet Dispatch. We love to see...
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