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The Way of the Force: Elsewhere (World between Worlds, Mortis etc)

Join our host Marie-Claire Gould (@mariecgould) and co-host Ty Black (@black_Tym and Wit & Folly on YouTube) in our segment “The Way of the Force”. Today we Tackle the interesting force locations sometimes called vergences in the Force including Mortis, the World between Worlds, the Wellspring of the force from Yoda’s lost missions, and the Tree in Dagobah.

What are these places and how are they so powerful with the force.

Here is an Article about Episode IX where JJ Says in Episode IX they will be going Elsewhere: https://comicbook.com/starwars/2017/10/20/star-wars-episode-ix-j-j-abrams-future/

The EGG Short Story Referred to in the Episode:

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