Fangirls – Adam Bio

Adam plays the part of Ben in Fangirls . For him, Star Wars represents a boundless universe for the imagination to play in, where good will always triumph over evil in a spectacular series of CGI explosions. By day, he is a researcher, and by nights and weekends he is a voice actor with credits in more than twenty productions, including Seminar and The Pendant Shakespeare, as well as the Audioverse-nominated podcasts H.G. Wells Has His Regrets and Project Ozma. He also narrates audiobooks, including Children of Dawn by B. C. Johnson and What You Want to See by L.P. Masters, available on iTunes and  You can get in touch with Adam on Twitter where he has the rather on-the-nose handle of @Vo_voiceactor or dig up some ancient Sith relic and contact him using the Force…or something.