Fangirls – Allison Bio

Based in the Midwest, Allison Brandt has recently joined the audio drama scene after staring longingly from the sidelines for some time. She will be playing Daniella, or Dani to her friends. Excited to play the part of a cosplay diva, she hopes you’ll fall in love with all the charming characters and a story that features a great, female strong cast.

Allison is no stranger to female driven work, as one of the six co-creators of Calling Darkness. You can also hear her in current and upcoming productions including Copperheart, The Glass Appeal, Insomnia Project, The Death of Dr. John Parker and The Beacon.

She hopes to continue to help bring your stories to life and would love to hear from you, whether it’s for some new projects or to gush over cute cats and bad jokes.

In the realm of Star Wars, Allison was that little girl that thought Darth Vader was the best character, but her heart belongs to the new saga more than any of the rest. That might always be the most popular opinion, but she will not falter!

You can find her on Twitter as @Worst_Hero_Ever