Fangirls – Kyle Bio

Kyle is a Voice Actor, Stage Actor, professional improviser, Dungeon Master and award nominated Podcaster. As the producer for FanGirls, Kyle is delighted to put his spreadsheet and event management skills to good use getting everyone what they need to make the magic happen. As a first time Producer Kyle is over the moon at the opportunity to work on a Star Wars related project.  Star Wars has been ever present in Kyle’s life ever since he saw a seated C3P0 fly above the heads of ewoks as a golden god. You could say Threepio is his hero and role model, and not be wrong in saying it.

Kyle is busy in Calgary in the Community Theatre scene mostly with Morpheus Theatre, but online he’s even busier as the Dungeon Master for the Actual Play Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts: Tavern Tales and Tavern Tales Junior.  Kyle’s voice acting is currently featured on Ghost Light Theater and The Glass Appeal and he appears regularly on the Star Wars FFG Actual Play Podcast: Flight Risk.