Fangirls – Velvet Bio

Velvet Lilith Victoria Eris Divine is an actress and dissatisfied academic trying to break into the world of voice acting. Velvet currently plays the roles of Medb in Splinters of a Broken Sun, Anar’ki on Flight Risk, and now Kristy on FanGirls.

The role of Kristy presents a nice change of pace from Velvet’s usual characters and an incredible opportunity for her to broaden her own acting horizons. Having come from a background that did not offer many venues for engaging science fiction, Star Wars offered the perfect gateway into a world far, far away. Velvet would like to thank Matt, DeWayne, and Marie-Claire Gould for the opportunity to appear in their productions and both Kyle Gould and Aly Grauer for being her voice acting godparents. If you’d like to follow or reach out to Velvet on social media you can find her on Twitter at OGBrownSugar.