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Hannah is an equine vet nurse (no she's not going to be a vet) who really wishes she could tell people she works at a morgue so they'd leave her alone asking for free advice on their pets, but manages to fit a Star Wars reference in wherever she can. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram getting emotional about Darth Maul, working on a plan for baby-proofing the Razor Crest, and trying to find a way to sneak her dog into troops when she finishes her Mandalorian cosplay.

Ally is the host of Knights of Wren podcast, an artist, and more! She loves using her creative interests to express her lifelong passion for the franchise and brings a younger perspective to Star Wars discussion.

Erin is a relatively new Star Wars fan having only joined in July 2019. Since then she enjoys all aspects of mythology, spirituality, and mental health present in the galaxy. She assumes her history degree and counseling masters has some influence on that. Find her reading her never ending of "catch up" books and comics, binge watching The Last Jedi, working on building her LEGO BB8, and somehow finding time to work on her fanfics.

Noor-Hal is just a girl who had no idea about Star Wars until five years ago when she saw The Force Awakens trailer, she thought Rey's costume would be a good idea for Halloween, without realizing it was her first step into a larger world. You can find her random tweets about Star Wars and other topics at @noorhal

Taylor Foreman-Niko is a Samoan American writer currently pursuing film and TV in Los Angeles.

Regina is a communication scholar working in residence life. Inspired by a TV spot for The Force Awakens, she binged the entire original and prequel trilogies in one night. You can find her on Twitter, where she's most likely declaring Mad Max Fury Road to be the greatest movie ever made or professing her love for Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian.

Felicia is a Disney College Program participant who accidentally forgot to leave Florida. She enjoys dressing magical characters by day and reading Star Wars meta under the covers at night. After studying both music education and wind conducting, she is no longer scared of either middle school children learning the oboe or 31-line music scores larger than her torso.