Review Matrix

The overall quality of the official released material. Literary or production may be focused on depending on the content medium.

Canon Compliance

If a canon release – does this content work sympathetically with other canon materials released. Does it maintain the themes of Star Wars? Does it break or maintain the canon tapestry? Purposeful contextualization will not count against this. 

Romance & Emotional Connections

The quality of the romantic or emotional connections explored in the work.  

Mythical Interest

What the Force? explores Star Wars with a mythic and symbolic lens. Are their mythic parallels, is there an understanding of the Hero’s Journey? Is the Heroine’s journey or understanding of folklore, fairytale present in the work? Is the work symbolic and readable with a Jungian lens? 

In Character?

If the work was internally consistent for Characterization. Do the characters grow through their experience. Are they consistent with other versions of the characters in the Star Wars Universe?