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Celebration Part 2: Interviews & Recaps

Join Marie-Claire Gould (@mariecgould) and Ty Black (@Black_TyM) as our Celebration Coverage continues

– Carl and Jason from Wampa’s Lair!
– Ella & Nicky (Maybe Kylo’s youngest Cosplayer)
– Erin (@CreepGoatEyes on Twitter) Thala Siren Cosplay
– Nick Martorelli from Penguin Random House Audio
– Tom from Del Rey
– Sailor that’s no Moon, and Tuxedo Ren
– Ty Black interviews people waiting for the Shipping Panel:
The Full Panel can be found on the Lords of the Sith Youtube Channel:
– Jennifer Heddle – Lucasfilm Publishing
– Leland Chee – Lucasfilm Story Group (Talks about the T-shirt Canon)
Marie-Claire, Ty, and Bri (https://twitter.com/theporgsnest) in the taxi on the way to the Airport talk about Celebration and debrief all of our thoughts, speculation and take a moment to process.

WHAT THE FORCE is this all about?
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Our Intro and Exit music is the What the Force Theme, Orchestral Music by Christy Carew with full permission for use by Christy Carew (http://www.christycarew.com).


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