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Fangirling on Fangirls Episode VIII: The Last Effort

Join our Guest Host Kyle Gould ( https://twitter.com/taverntalesdm ) as he digs into the Behind the Scenes of Fangirls with the production crew and a FULL look back on the Whole Fangirls Project.


Kristina Mante https://twitter.com/CurlyFourEyes

Christy Carew https://twitter.com/Christy_Carew

Marie-Claire Gould https://twitter.com/MarieCGould

Fangirls Site: http://whattheforce.ca/fangirlsdrama/

Edited and Produced by Kyle Gould Our Intro and Exit music is the Piano version of the Fangirls Main Theme, Orchestral Music by Christy Carew with full permission for use by Christy Carew (http://www.christycarew.com).


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