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Meta Music: Solo A Star Wars Story

Join Marie-Claire Gould (@mariecgould) as we explore the Music of Star Wars in our new segment Meta Music with Christy Carew (@Christy_Carew). We will explore everything from how it’s done to perhaps what it means.

Christy is a composer working in Hollywood and is a huge John Williams fan. She has been chosen as a composer fellow for the 2018 Sundance Institute Film Music Lab that took place this summer up at Skywalker Sound. She is also composing the music for the upcoming six-part documentary series about women in the Star Wars fandom, Looking for Leia. She is also an amazing Keyboard warrior on Tumblr. Check out her music and Meta’s at http://www.christycarew.com

In this episode we talk through the Solo A Star Wars Story Soundtrack composed by John Williams and John Powell. 

  • Discussion on the Solo Score John Williams/John Powell
  • The Adventures of Young Han Solo
  • The comparison of Ben and Han Solo musically
  • The Cloud Riders / Ancestral power connection to the Mask
  • The Source music – “Chicken in the Pot” What do those lyrics mean?
  • L3 and the Falcon
  • That Love theme “Lando’s Closet” (A bit on what this could mean Reylo wise)

Clip Break Down:

*** The use of Star Wars music in this episode is for educational/commentary purposes under “Fair Use” Copyright.***

  • John Williams Star Wars Death Star Theme “Imperial Theme” (From Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Soundtrack)
  • John Williams “The Adventures of Han” (From Solo A Star Wars Story Soundtrack)
  • John Powell “Marauders Arrive” (From Solo A Star Wars Story Soundtrack)
  • John Powell “L3 & Millennium Falcon” (From Solo A Star Wars Story Soundtrack)
  • John Powell “Lando’s Theme” (From Solo A Star Wars Story Soundtrack)
  • John Williams “Peace and Purpose” (From Star Wars The Last Jedi Sountrack)
  • John Powell “Meet Han” (From Solo A Star Wars Story Soundtrack)

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Intro and Exit music is from Phedre’s Theme, Orchestral Music by Christy Carew with full permission for use by Christy Carew (http://www.christycarew.com).


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