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Joseph Campbell / Star Wars

I refer to the Heroes Journey many times in the Podcast and how much it influenced and continues to influence the story telling of the Star Wars universe. George Lucas while writing Star Wars, was deeply influenced by Joseph Campbell. A good introduction to this topic are the PBS interviews ‘Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers’ (Transcripts of Interviews). The relationship with Campbell is covered very well on Starwars.com (Star Wars Article George Lucas / Joseph Campbell). Campbell loved the character of Han solo and with the release of the Solo teaser trailer – I recommend taking a look at the mythos and journey Lucas was influenced by:

Han Solo, a character we first meet in the cantina [Star Wars: A New Hope], commenting, “He thinks he’s an egoist; but he really isn’t. That’s a very loveable kind of human being. There are lots of them functioning beautifully in the world. They think they’re working for themselves, but there’s something else pushing them.”





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