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Star Wars Fandom Fanfiction Round-Up: Fall 2020

The leaves are changing, the wind is cool, and it’s time to cozy up in your favourite pajamas and read. We’ve selected a bunch of slightly soft, slightly angsty, and definitely spooky fanfiction from the Star Wars AO3 fandom to get you in the autumnal mood.

CAUTION: Some of these recommendations are labeled for mature audiences, please remember to read tags before proceeding. You must be over 18 to access some of these fics.

General Audiences

The Perfect Halloween by queenlittlelion

Rey and Ben hand out candy to trick or treaters one Halloween night.

Words: 1,240
Chapters: 1/1

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Perfection. – savethespacewhales


Dragon Princess Fighter Pilot by QianLan

Finn’s handing out candy when he meets the dreamy older brother of an absolutely adorable little girl.

Words: 1,471
Chapters: 1/1

This fic made my face hurt from smiling all the way through! – newtypeshadow


A Flutter in the Night by captain_staryeyed

Their flashlights flickered out.


The sound of what she could only describe as flapping wings resonated overhead.


Rey and Finn find themselves in the woods near Point Pleasant, West Virginia trying to capture footage of the mysterious Mothman.

Words: 5,039
Chapters: 6/6

This is adorable! – assortedfruitsnacks212


Mando’ika ad (the littlest Mandalorian) by kesomon

“You‘re a Mandalorian? But you’re just a kid!”
“I am 70 years old, I am!” the kid protested. Poe arched an eyebrow down at him, who barely reached Rey’s knees.
He scowled back, and in true Mandalorian stubbornness, attempted to kick him in the shin.

Words: 6,193
Chapters: 7/7

Thank you for this! It made me smile like a loon on my bus ride to work this morning – avescallaghan


Vampires Work in Walmart by ClaireLou

Rey is a Vampire and Rey works in Walmart… It’s a well-known fact in the Vampire Community that Walmart is the best place to work. Unfortunately, Hunters know that too.

And today Hunters juts so happen to work into Reys Walmart. She’s boned and not entirely sure how to get out of this predicament especially when one of the hunters looks like a damned God. But Rey doesn’t know the meaning of surrender, she’s not going down without a fight.

A vampire AU set in Walmart.

Words: 2,857
Chapters: 1/1

that was really good, I’m so happy with how it turned out and sad that it’s a one-shot… but better an awesome one-shot then nothing at all ty ty – LBellicose


sometimes I dream (the sounds all stay the same) by VeriLee

Dear Benjamin,
I’m not in the house at the same time you are. That is the simplest way to explain it. I wish I could tell you something more concrete, but you might think I’m crazy if I tried. A part of me doubts my OWN sanity. But this much is true: we are ships passing in the night.
Sorry if that all sounds like nonsense. Maybe later I can give you a more satisfying answer.

When Rey took a job helping to clean and sort out the old Skywalker House, the aspiring historian hoped to uncover forgotten gems and hidden treasures, frozen memories from a time gone by.

She didn’t expect to find a desk with a magic portal to another time, to exchange letters with a man who had lived and died more than a hundred years before her. And she certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with a memory that could never be hers to hold. But perhaps, along with a Skywalker heir, she can learn what to hold onto from the past, and what to let go of.

Words: 12,494
Chapters: 1/1

Oh goodness, this was so beautiful. I wish this was a book. [VeriLee] is so talented! – leaveoutalltherest

Okay! So this is beautiful and bittersweet and, even being able to know what would happen, it still caught me off guard when I got so torn up over their goodbye. – Melusine11


Teen and Up Audiences

The Shadow of Death by the-reylo-void

He is Death’s instrument, unrepentant and unyielding. But her flame burns so bright…

Words: 3,536
Chapters: 1/1

That was holy different. Somber and lyrical. Just beautiful. – AnaiRees

Stunning, beautiful writing. I’ve read this twice. Once was at my usual speed and the second time was slowly – just to savour the writing. [the-reylo-void] writes so beautifully. – 130ct


What you don’t know by thewayofthetrashcompactor

Rey wants to see the local haunted house and drags her reluctant boyfriend and friends along with her. It’s not quite what she expects.

Words: 2,782
Chapters: 1/1

Oh wow that is haunting! I doubt ill get that out of my head any time soon. – headinfantasy

I love this piece so much. The way [thewayofthetrashcompactor] created the haunted atmosphere and the presence of memory was just so perfect. – politicalmamaduck


In the Pines by ssalemghostss

In the pines,
In the pines,
where the sun don’t ever shine;
I would shiver the whole night through

“Now, yes, I do have a goal of capturing photographic and/or video evidence of this thing if I find it. Even though at this point I kind of hope it’s a hoax, I’ve been given the best chance a person can have at actually seeing it: the exact location of its alleged ‘nest.’”

Ben took a deep breath, cursing inwardly.

“And, for those of you wondering: yes, I am starting to think I may have a death wish.”

Words: 5,525
Chapters: 1/1

This is incredible. The opening scene is an instant hook, and [ssalemghostss] really captured the feeling of walking through the woods alone at night. I absolutely cried at the end a little, too. Beautifully done. – quamquam20


Black-Eyed by kuresoto

The last moments of Kylo Ren before the Walker in him surfaced. Zombie/Post-apocalyptic AU.

Words: 1,812
Chapters: 1/1

I’m only reading this four years later but it doesn’t matter it’s still SO GOOD – Alania

This is so heartbreakingly beautiful. – headinfantasy


Somewhere in the Dark by tigbit

The world is not as it once was, and bands of survivors struggle to live in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Rey has found a life with Leia’s band of scavengers. Despite the gloomy landscape, it’s a far less tragic and far more boring life than The Walking Dead led her to believe. She’d choose a waning stockpile of toilet paper over Ben Solo any day.

*This fic is part of After the Blazing Fire Dies: the 2019 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology Gift Exchange

Words: 8,875
Chapters: 1/1

If that was the teaser chapter of a novel, I’d happily bought the book a third into your story. – apisa_b

Damn. I don’t even like zombie stories, but this one hit right in the feels. It’s ridiculously hopeful, despite how everything sucks. Also, bang on characterization – I can totally see Rey shaking off falling off a mountain like it’s no big deal, and Ben being all ‘wtf is wrong with you?!’ – ziparumpazoo


A House is Not a Home by HarpiaHarpyja

It’s a potentially career-defining opportunity: restore Ahch-To, a 200-year-old house steeped in legend and troubled history, and Rey isn’t about to pass it up. With Ben documenting the whole project, she thinks there could even be a chance of a deal with Netflix.

But the house holds more than just dust and odd smells — like a pit at its center that calls to them and makes dark promises. Could it be connected to the disappearance of the house’s last steward, Ben’s eccentric uncle who mysteriously went missing nearly a decade ago?

Words: 1,124
Chapters: 1/1

Eeeek why did I read this alone at night time?! Love it!! – situation_normal

Ooh so interesting and creepy. – nessalk

Mature Audiences

When did you last conjure with the devil? by bunnystealsyourcarrots

In 1692, Reverend Kylo Ren was called to Salem to aid in the case of an accused witch named Rey Kenobi. No mercy was given on his side so long as she refused to repent. No mercy was offered back until she’d ripped his ego apart.

Words: 8,181
Chapters: 1/1

… I adored pretty much every facet of this story, from Kylo constantly trying to rebuild his own ego/doubt of her as a bulwark against his shame to Rey’s journey from utter isolation with her memories, her terrible event and the fact that as he thrashed and screamed, she was probably staring down at him. Knowing it was his lot as he still let her be lashed to the pole, perhaps even enjoying his emotional agony versus her assumed destruction… – silenceisaweapon

Wow!!! What a trip! This was brilliant, excellent writing. I CRIED. There were literal tears streaming down my cheeks. – Raxephan


Drawn to the light of your burning sorrows by Kyriadamorte

Rey knows not to venture into the woods. But she remembers what they said about the woods. “All sorts of old, dark magic lives there. They’re angry, Rey, and they don’t live by our rules.”
That one where Kylo is mothman.
That one where it was supposed to be smutty and fluffy, but then Rey’s backstory happened.

Words: 7,952
Chapters: 1/1

Whoa! This was…..so intense. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Amazingly done. – kyoloren

Wow, I never knew I loved Mothlo until this day. I loved the gritty feel of this, and Rey’s loneliness was so visceral. – shewhospeakswiththunder


Within These Walls by ssalemghostss

Ever since he was a young boy, Benjamin Solo could see ghosts.

At first, he didn’t realize what he was seeing; he only knew fear. As he grew older, his fear lessened, but he still did not know exactly what it was he saw roaming around the old house his father had been hired to remodel. For a very long time, he denied what he saw and heard to everyone, but especially to himself. Others would treat him like he was not of this world; like he was certainly no creation of their Creator. He was demonic. He was wrong.

It wasn’t until he was in his second year of university that his opinions on the matter changed. And it had all been because of one very bull-headed, free-spirited girl whom he had met in the library, with a sixth sense all her own.

Words: 13,301
Chapters: 1/1

…This had my heart pumping from start to finish. 19th century mysticism is so fascinating, and to see it used in a situation that actually calls for it is nice. No charlatans, no fake hauntings; ideal! The danglers sound really creepy and gave me some Tall Man vibes. Also, Awkward Reylo Ducks are always fun :3 – maq_moon

… [ssalemghosts] has such a talent for creating this lingering, palpable sense of dread and punctuating it with jolts of sharper tension and action… – quamquam20


linger in the doorway (of my field of paper flowers) by bittersnake

She can’t tell if she got the better deal or not. Foolish. Did you truly want to waste away in this sand-ridden hell? a voice whispers, low and soft. No, she thinks, but it would be a familiar hell, at least.

*This fic is part of Amid Secrets and Monsters: The 2019 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology

Words: 3,562
Chapters: 1/1

I absolutely have tears in my eyes after reading this. This was so, so beautiful. So full of hope… – apisa_b

This is so beautiful and hurt my heart in the best of ways. I have tears in my eyes. – VeriLee


Bad Fleeings, Good Omens by rakefire

A tall dark stranger shows up in front of Rey, telling her that she is destined to break the curse cast upon him.

Words: 40,530
Chapters: 13/13

So much misunderstanding, so much miscommunication, so many insecurities and [rakefire] wrote their vulnerability in such stunning fashion. – reylocalligraphy

*gif of Kermit freaking out* – Reylofsymbolism


The Light Off Glass by aionimica

There once was a mirror left behind, that Rey took home and put in her room.

It was an ordinary mirror. Nothing was unusual about it.

Until one day, she was a man inside.

Words: 13,039
Chapters: 3/3

This was absolutely amazing! Honestly one of my top ten fics I’ve ever read! At the end of last chapter, I didn’t know how it was going to be able to be wrapped up in one go, but it was such a satisfying ending. – beanka_juarez

[aionimica’s] literary work encompasses all what I enjoy the most in fiction: intensity, suspense and happy ending. – Carelia

Explicit / Not Rated

Throw the Windows Wide (And Call to You Across the Sky) by dietplainlite

In a universe where Ben Solo was never separated from his parents, where he never fell, he works as an investigator of strange phenomena, mostly to disprove them as Force related or fraud. On one such mission, he goes to Jakku to investigate a young girl called The Reyna, said to be a great healer and medium. He thinks it’s a mundane case of a clever grift. He’s not prepared for the encounter to change his life.

Words: 19,654
Chapters: 11/16

I had to mull this over for several days to have a coherent reaction beyond Kermit flailing his hands everywhere. I love how different they are and yet both are instantly recognizable. Poor, self-possessed, too mature for her age Rey! And Ben almost has his shit together, but there’s a faint whiff of mess about him that indicates he’s still a Solo and a Skywalker! – Bombastique



The Hand That Feeds by persimmone

Rey has managed to avoid unwanted male attention for thirty years, until the opening of a mysterious artifact burdens her with an accidental husband.

Luckily, her new consort is not the average man. Or better, he’s not… human.

*This fic contains dismemberment

Words: 46,964
Chapters: 13/13

A huge THANK YOU for that “positively ancient” and timeless (love)story enriched by darlings details, beautiful singularities & proper influences. This was a black and purple and red vermeil tale of fantasy and a non-stop delight, in the likeness of your final notes and humour… Your writing is attractive and generous, readers (as characters) always receives full of love ++ – Saga

This was marvelous!! I love fics that bring monsters into our world, kind of gives me a fun spooky feeling that monsters are amongst us everyday. – lothkat


In All the World by LinearA

Of course, Rey hates her day job. But she didn’t ask for this night shift, either an unpaid gig fighting the forces of evil with pointy wooden sticks. She doesn’t want to risk her life fighting vampires; she wants a living wage and health insurance and her parents back. She’s old, to be a Slayer, and she’s nobody, and New York doesn’t even have a Hellmouth.


Words: 62,696
Chapters: 11/15

What a story. So good. I love everything about this… – ghia5412

Goddamn, I want this fic printed and bound when it’s complete. – again_please


Just A Taste by Melusine11

Rey is a Vampire, Ben is a human. He’s been letting her feed from him for months, but after a lengthy break, Ben is desperate to see her again. Rey doesn’t take much convincing, he’s always been her favorite, not that she would ever tell him that.

Words: 2,800
Chapters: 1/1

NICE. I LOVED THIS. I’m definitely more of a vampire person than I thought because this was seriously fire. – SpaceWaffleHouseTM

There’s something so adorable about how desperately Ben chases her and the way he so needily insists. Insists to get what exactly, I don’t know but I’m eager to find out. – ceciliasheplin


divine entropy by bam_cassiopeia

“Too powerful,” his uncle says, looking down with a frown at the babe born with eyes open and dark and full of galaxies. “He’s a star-eater, that one. Better drown him now.”

(Ben Solo is born a bad omen in a time of celebration, or maybe an attempt at balance from a force beyond understanding, a seed of darkness waiting to blossom and flourish.)

*This fic contains body horror

Words: 2,418
Chapters: 1/1

This is like poetry. I love it. A gorgeous fairy tale of a fic. Great job ♡ – Savageandwise

A purple prose fever dream. It’s violent, thick and rich like blood, a delicious synesthesic festival. Kylo is this cosmically cursed figure, and Rey is ferociously radiant and eager for everything. I could look at them devour the whole world. Such vivid and inspiring imagery, such rage and vengeful energy. It both hurts and feels so cathartic at the same time, sublimated into words. And god the kinky cannibalism is SO good. I think this universe will haunt me for a long time… – Voyages_divers


place the moon at my eyes (and her whiteness shall devour) by diasterisms

“It’s what people do around here – they tell ghost stories.”

*This fic is part of Amid Secrets and Monsters: The 2019 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology

*This fic contains Gore, Body Horror, and Cannibalism.

Words: 29,197
Chapters: 5/5

The twists and turns were INSANE – every time I found myself thinking this was the end of paranormal, the end of terror, it continued in a way that just made so much sense… – MahoganyDoodles

This was mind-blowingly good. I was so creeped out and enthralled. I love every minute of it!!Galaxymanagement


meet me in the aether by SaintHeretical

Rey is barely a teen when she discovers her healing abilities.

She’s barely an adult when she discovers she’s not alone.

*This fic is part of Amid Secrets and Monsters: The 2019 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology

Words: 24,492
Chapters: 1/1

I’m in shock. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. – renaissancebubblegum

I came expecting lovely writing and great storytelling, but this is sublime in the original sense of the word – awe-inspiring and even terrible in its beauty (so that some witnesses may be overcome by a sense of comparative puniness?) [SaintHeretical] moves [their] characters from simple human experiences and emotions through time to an existence that can only be imagined, and still everything feels equally vivid and grounded and true.

There is no manipulation here, and you have utterly failed to adhere to a single Hallmark trope, but my heart is broken just the same. Broken by the story, but also by the beauty and power of [SaintHeretical’s] writing. – Zabeta

Nowreen Haque
Nowreen Haque
Nowreen is a Canadian Exhibit Curator by day and a lore-hound by night. They knit thala-siren plushies and play too much Elder Scrolls Online. Specialty is the history of literacy and the folklore of the early modern Irish diaspora. Poke them on twitter.


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