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Fangirls – Episode 3 – Transcript

Episode 3
written by
Marie-Claire Gould

Voice Direction Notes: The ladies have already traveled 15
hours plus hours in the car. They are exhausted. Lex is very
nervous to meet the girl he loves.
You really can’t be sure over the
internet. Lexy, my best friend for
over a year, is a guy…
(Intro Music)
These Fangirls Love Star Wars
Transition in with sound.
So I’m a guy…
I have loved Ally from the first
time I read her posts. Ally who
had such passion.. I would just
lurk.. I liked her stuff… and
commented encouragingly. I started
Drawing Reylo right after that.
I remember the first day she
commented on my tumblr. I had
started to post some drawings of
Rey and Kylo being saints… this
was before the Tumblr purge.
She said, she cried because it was
so beautiful.
My heart exploded into a million
pieces. How could I have affected
this beautiful women by just my
I remembered when she followed me
back. It wasn’t long after she
started posting her Vlog.. she was
beautiful, completely in the way
that I could see her passion and
We started chatting regularly
about Reylo and how much we both
loved Star Wars, occasionally over
discord we would chat late into
the night. She soon became the
reason I got up in the morning, to
see if she had posted something
new or responded to my last
message to her. Her words
literally kept me going. At some
point she had started to call me
Lexi. I’m not sure why, perhaps
she thought it was cute. It was
nice to have a shared language
that was just ours. It always made
me smile to see her musings and
thoughts in real time. She would
message me with a crazy idea and
it was like having my own feed to
her brain. It was wonderful. To
see her. To know her.
I remember the first time I was
invited to watch Star Wars with
her, she was so cute, she sent a
DM asking if I wanted to be
included, this was the first time
she had invited me to an event. I
almost backed out 6 or 7 times, I
didn’t want to mess anything up. I
ended up accepting, when she let
me know that there would be others
there. A group – she and another
friend had pulled together of only
cool people.
How could I say no…
Lexy! Welcome
Hi I texted…
Welcome to the group, Girls say
Hi Lexy
hi Lexy nice to meet you
Girls Lexy is one of my favourite
Reylo artists.. She is SOOO Good.
Here Check out her tumblr.
it was then that I realized Ally…
thought I was a girl…
I was shocked, taken aback,
Why don’t you come on camera so we
can all see you?
I don’t know why but I didn’t want
her to stop talking to me because
I was a guy.
I lied
I told her my camera and mic
didn’t work….
Oh that’s too bad.. you are a
student.. I’m sure it’s expensive
to get fixed.
I am such an idiot. I still regret
not telling her the truth, it
haunted me for months.
But chatting with the girls
online.. I finally had friends.
These ladies were so talented and
thoughtful. When, I would post
things online they would just
support me. I was one of them.
Online watches became weekly,
sometimes Ally and I would just
chat until early morning… sharing
about our lives. I just told her
my truth, and she accepted me for
I remember when she told me
Lexy.. you’re my best friend.
I remember thinking I would do
anything for her. Even live this
lie forever, as long as she needed
me. Just to make sure she wasn’t
alone. It didn’t matter that I
lived halfway across the country,
that she didn’t know I was a guy.
It made me identify with Kylo that
much more, how much he wanted to
make this girl feel better in a
Hut. Just listening to her, it
wasn’t hard, every word she spoke
or typed to me was filled with how
wonderful she was.
Not 24 hours ago, Ally thought I
was a girl, and sitting in her own
house and now… Now she is standing
in front of me… Say something you
Hi Ally… as you can see I’m a boy.
Sound difference from narration
Narration Lex
Ug LEX you are such an idiot.
wait what?
Why don’t you all come in and have
a rest.
Hi its nice to meet you I’m
Kristy, can I hang my jacket up?
Sharon Takes kristy’s jacket and welcomes them in. We hear
Lex walk down the stairs.
You are all the friend Lex has
mentioned… Come in, Come in. I was
just about to make dinner.
Mom, I’m sure they need to get
back on the road if they want to
make the movie…
Nonsense. These ladies look like
they could have a nice break, some
food and a shower maybe before
they head on there way.
Thank you… I don’t even know your
Sharon. Please call me Sharon.
It’s so nice to meet my son’s
friends. He talks talks a bit
about you when I pry. Especially
you Ally..
um.. Thanks Sharon.
He always makes me watch your
Vlogs – I’m the one that got him
into Star Wars so he always shares
the things he hears. Come into the
Living room when you are ready.
Alexander Lewis you be the
gentleman I taught you to be.
Seriously mom stop.. Please… come
in. Can I.. get you something to
drink? How was the drive. Here let
me take your jacket.
Thanks.. Lexy.. I…
I know this isn’t what you
expected. Laughs nervously
wow Lexy you are both taller and
more more handsome than I
expected. Hmmm
Wait you are not going to make me
a character in your fic RISH…
No but this situation? This… this
is amazing material. Nice house by
the way Sharon.
From the kitchen
Why thank you. Come in, come in.
I’m going to make a lot more for
dinner, then you can rest and we
can chat.
I’m coming to help!
Me too, leave you two alone to
talk because that’s what needs to
I don’t know what to say… Lexy…
Lex. What is even going on?! You
have been lying to me for over a
Ally.. I… god this is so messed
up, please don’t be mad. I just
didn’t ever know how to tell you
the truth.
Just what… are you actually an
artist even?
Yes of course! I go to school for
art, I never lied about myself I
just… you thought I was a girl!
How did I.. I swear you told me
you were a girl… Lexy.. DAMMIT
It’s okay… I like that you call me
I can’t think about this now, we
are on this road trip to see the
most important movie of our life
I know… I wish I could come with
From the Kitchen we have been hearing background conversation
muted and the sounds of food preparation.
Oh You are GOING!
Mom! Stop listening in….. Wait
Sharon comes from the kitchen
Oh you are going with them! You
want to see this movie and you
have been moping about it since
you realized you couldn’t go.
I.. Ally.. this is too weird for
you. I know it was a girls trip.
I don’t want to mess that up..
From another room
It’s pretty damn weird for us too!
No.. you are one of us. It won’t
feel the same without you there.
Just… this.. Thing… Whatever! We
need to have a talk… but not now.
I can’t..
Okay… Well. Welcome to my home, My
brothers are out with my dad at a
football game. Just me and my mom
A Beat of Silence
God you are tall. How are you that
tall?? It’s like hurting my neck
to look at you.
Laugh I eat Ally… oh! I finished
a new painting come on I’ll show
Fade out as they climb the stairs to Lex’s room and talk
about Art and the thing they have missed in the last day.
INT Kitchen – Just after Lex and Ally leave
The rest of the ladies are in the kitchen talking
about the absent people. They are making food
this whole time. Making a salad to go with some
Rish, Daniella and you chop these…
Thanks Ladies, wow it’s so nice to
meet his friends.
So, what’s it like to raise a
What Daniella means is we are all
a little surprised about Lex.
I told him to tell you…
This is excellent exposition. I
need my laptop!
No, you are going to stay here and
chop!… Sharon, you do know how
this seems…
I do. He is an idiot boy.
But very cute! I could get him
some gigs cosplaying!
Ahem… Can you pass that chopped
I suppose he is an adult, you need
to let him make his own mistakes.
He had some challenges with friend
groups growing up. Always sort of
a sensitive soul. We love him
dearly but boy hasn’t figured out
how to deal with humans. That’s
why.. I’m so happy he has a group
of friends. Looks like we are good
to go. Daniella can you set the
table? Rish would you mind calling
the kids to wash their hands?
Oh sure..
Rish leaves the kitchen to the fade out of a
table being set and people chatting in the
Fade in – (figure out what an audio transition is like)
And this is the last piece I did
before my final project. Here..
Lex hands over a painting to Ally
Wow it’s heavy! Oh my hand..
Sorry I didn’t mean to grab your
hand I just thought you might drop
It’s okay… You adapted your Reylo
A bit.. I used Manuel Nunez as an
inspiration. With the gold.. And
the hair..
Lexy… ug.. This is so weird. I
feel all these things.. Like I’m
so mad at you, SO so MAD and yet
I’m happy I get to meet you.. And
your paintings are even more
visceral in person. Like being
able to see the texture, and
depth. It’s too much. DAMNIT… Lexy
Nervous Laugh… Thank you.. I’m
sorry… I’ll keep saying I’m sorry
forever if needed.
Now you’re being too weird… And
Tall. dammit.
There is a knock at the bed room door.
Hey Ladies, I mean guys. I mean..
Whatever. Um. Dinner. Lexy’s mom
wants us to wash our hands.
Yea don’t even try not doing that,
she is a stickler for that one.
Okay I’ll head to the washroom
Pause… silence
See you soon…
O.M.G, you like her!
Rish smacks him across the arm
Ouch dammit that hurt!
Why don’t you just tell her –
isn’t that what guys are supposed
to do confess their love at
inappropriate time s ? This is by
far the most inappropriate I can
Right, like it’s just that easy to
confess to someone you have been
lying to for a year.
I don’t know, most characters seem
to make it work.
Rish this isn’t some sort of
story, this is real life. Imagine
you are Kylo and you like this
person who never saw you in that
way before, and they traveled
across the galaxy to see you and
you stand there unable to reply to
them. You just stare at them
You are supposed to be the Hero in
your own life. Take the leap! Live
and do the thing you fear most?
Also.. I think Kylo said it with
his eyes, that’s why Rian got rid
of the helmet so we could see them
eye each other. Maybe you just
need to look at her more.
Look at her more… that sounds so
creepy, where is this advice
coming from… At least he had a
galaxy to offer to rule with him…
I don’t have anything she wants….
I’m going to go wash up.
Alex leaves
Right dinner! (Aside to herself)
Had I known I would have taken her
to space Sephora…
(from outside) Rish.. Ally.. Lex,
Dinner time! We have to eat and
head out!
Being able to see how this plays
out will be perfect!
Fade out from the scene…..
INT. Front door of the house
Lex is carrying his own bag, and gets a hug in this scene.
Are you all packed?
Yes mom…
I’ll make sure he eats. Lex we’ll
give you a moment, I’ll put your
bag in the trunk, I may have to
rearrange Daniella’s whole set-up…
Ally can you help me, my trunk can
fit a ton! But this might require
some muscle..
Come on!
Nice to meet you Mrs. Lewis!
Yes… I hope to come back and meet
the rest of your family sometime
Oh come here
Sharon gives Ally a Hug
Thank you..
Have fun! BYE Ladies!!
The Screen door shuts and we hear the fade out of foot
steps…These next lines are delivered in a hug and should
sound like the actors are being held. If possible get someone
to hug you while you deliver. (It sounds different trust me)
Come here.. You take care of
yourself and have fun. There is
money in your account now and use
your credit card in case of
Mom.. I’ll be fine… Ug…
I know… Ally really is something
special, I can see why you like
Mom.. It’s really confusing…
Especially for her. Can you even
imagine? I’m hers, however she
wants me. Friend first. I just
need to see her happy.
I don’t think I have ever seen you
talk about anyone that way.
Letting go of the hug.
I would do anything for any of
them. Friends are the spark that
brings hope to your soul.
Ever the artististic poetic heart.
I love you Mom..
I love you too! Enjoy the
Adventure. Life comes at you fast.
Say bye to dad, and the guys when
they get back.
The Door opens and Sharon’s voice rises as Lex walks away.
I will, now go! Take care.. Have
fun! Drive safe! Text me!
We hear Lex approach the girls. By the car…
So it’s still 15 hours to LA, I’m
thinking we try to find a motel on
the way to stop for a while, near
midnight.. This way we can still
get a good 5 hours still in. Then
we will get there for Saturday and
have time to check out Disney or
look around before the movie. We
might need to scope out location
before hand… I’m not sure.
JGL sent me a picture from the
location, they are already there.
Looks like they are setting up the
event already!
This is it!
A Motel Kristy really??
Dani.. not all of us can afford
more. Ally is recently unemployed.
Okay fine.. I’ll drive second if
you want Kristy
Sure, you rest up, So I’m
driving.. Ally can you guide?
Rish, Lex and Daniella in the
back! We have the sandwiches and
snacks from Sharon so we should
only need to stop for bio and gas
Let’s do this!
Everyone gets into the Car.. and the car drives down the
street to a fade. Out of music….
EXT. just outside the car at a road rest stop
FADE in, We hear the passing traffic.
Okay Dani, thanks for taking over
I’m just so tired. Pull over when
you see the next motel, we will
get a couple of rooms. I just need
to close my eyes for a few
minutes. Just let everyone sleep
until we get to the motel.
Got it Kristy. I just.. Need to
call my husband and let him know
where I’m at.
Okay, I’m going to get some shut
eye. Everyone else is asleep, too.
Here are the keys.. Wake me up if
anything happens.
The jingle of keys, then The door to the car opens and Kristy
gets in and it shuts again. Daniella pulls out her phone, and
dials a number.
Hi.. Ya it’s me… oh. I think I can
make it.. Definitely. WOW, Triple?
Yes! I’m just 4 hours away. I can
definitely be there. Okay can you
make sure everything is set up? I
have 4 others with me… The same,
yes.. I’ll see you there. Bye…
Daniella puts away per her phone away.. The car keys jingle
as she gets in the car to drive away as we fade out to the
end music.
Fade out music…
Fangirls in the wide is a whole new experience. When you no longer
hide and you let your huge fangirl flag fly. I’m not sure the world
is ready for what a fully operational Fempire will look like. But they are going to find out.
Fangirls is written and produced
by Marie-Claire Gould, a What the force? Production.
The voices of the characters are Special thanks to
Come back next week for the next episode.
Thank you for listening.


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